Wednesday, March 16, 2011

China clashes with Tibetan protestors at Kirti

From Students for a Free Tibet, this is important:

UPDATE: A young monk from Kirti monastery has died after lighting himself on fire prompting a protest by up to 1,000 monks and lay people. Chinese forces have flooded the town and have surrounded Kirti monastery. Read more about the incident.

Take Action:

1. Call your Embassy in China: Alert them to this incident and urge them to press the Chinese government to respect the right of Tibetans to peaceful protest.

2. Call Chinese authorities in Sichuan: Demand the immediate release of those detained and for them to uphold the basic rights of Tibetans.

3. Call the Chinese Embassy in your country: Tell them that people worldwide are watching the situation in Ngaba, Tibet closely and demand the release of all those detained in today's protest.

4. Organize a solidarity protest this Friday, March 18th. Send details of your protest to and we'll help to spread the word.

Friday, March 04, 2011

Presence on Facebook

For those who want to follow / contribute to the China Jasmine Revolution on Facebook, find below a list of Jasmine-related Facebook pages.

The first one is approaching 10,000 members, and the others are 100 <= x <= 1,000.

I feel it is smart to join and cross-post at more than one of these, because you never know when the evil people will cause a problem for one of these pages. (membership: 9,551) (membership: 824) (membership: 483)中國茉莉花革命/190173991012902 (membership: 189)
- also known as: - (membership: 162)