Wednesday, February 28, 2007

19MM resignations from the Chinese Communist Party!

On Feb. 27, '07 while the U.S. stock market was on its roller coaster plunge, and different numerical milestone was reached -- the reported number of people, resigning from the Chinese Communist Party, reached and passed 19 million.

This pertains to a campaign, known as "jiuping / tuidang," that began at the end of 2004. Throughout 2005, seven million people quit from the CCP; throughout 2006, ten million more quit, so that 17 million is where we were at the start of this year. Yesterday, that counter flipped past 19 million, which suggests that the pace in 2007 is yet faster, for the second year in a row.

If the CCP is a vehicle, the wheels are flying off of the CCP! :-)

If anybody wants to see that counter, it's at the Epoch Times newspaper, ET is being more than a newspaper -- it is the publisher of the "jiuping" [Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party], and sponsor of this "tuidang" [Quit the CCP] campaign!

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