Saturday, March 17, 2007

CCP Defector Jia Jia Regains Freedom

According to NTDTV,

"A former Chinese official who defected from the Chinese communist party and sought refuge in Indonesia, has now been released by Indonesian officials. On March 9, Indonesian authorities detained Jia Jia and said they planned to deport him back to China. If sent back to China, Jia Jia would have faced grave danger. Jia Jia expressed his gratitude for those who helped him to regain freedom."

From the CSN, I sent one letter to the nearest U.S. consulate. We were about to make that a 'pressure' campaign, with more and more letters, but the good news about Jia Jia's release came quickly, before we were about to re-adjust the web site.

This is good news as far as it goes; but to our knowledge, Jia Jia still does not have a "free world" nation offering him refuge, asylum, or resettlement. The CSN continues to stand by D.J. McGuire's open letter to U.S. President George W. Bush, calling for the U.S. to grant political asylum to Jia Jia. He still needs that.

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