Thursday, October 11, 2007

Cinderella Singer Hides from Communist Goons Trying to Stop Her from Attending International Vocal Competition

The following story is inspired by the situation of Su Hongyu:

Su Hongyu had always dreamed of being a singer. Since the time she was six years old she used to spend hours a day listening to famous singers around the world. Her parents would ask her what she was doing and she said, "Preparing to sing in America." While her parents didn't have a lot of money, her parents wanted to support her. On her 7th birthday, her father got out the piggy bank where he'd been saving for his retirement and broke it. He collected all the money inside and went and found the best teacher in their city of Fushun in Liaoning and gave her his entire life savings so that his daughter could have her dream come true.

From that point forward little Su trained with her vocal teacher, Ms. Li, day in and day out. Overtime her voice became more and more pure and beautiful. In spite of her meager upbringings, she did very well at the statewide competitions.

Then one day they heard news about an International Vocal Competition in New York City hosted by the TV station New Tang Dynasty TV. She really wanted to go. It was her life's dream. But she didn't have any money. Her parents didn't have any money as they had given it to the teacher and were just poor farmers. That night little Su prayed and prayed, and cried and cried, for a way for her to come to America and sing.

When Little Su came to see, Ms. Li she was crying. "What's wrong," Ms. Li asked? "I want to go to America and share my heart with the people of the world, but I have no money!" Little Su said. Ms. Li looked at her with understanding eyes. Ms. Li went into the other room and got out the piggie bank from under her bed where she had put all the money from Little Su's father. She walked across the room and gave it to Little Su: "Here - take this money and fulfill your dream and the dream that was taken from me by the Cultural Revolution." Little Su trembled with the piggy bank in her hands as tears fell down onto her peasant clothing.

Ms. Li looked at her and smiled: "But you can't compete in those clothes." Ms. Li patted her head and went into a trunk. She pulled out a beautiful hand-embroidered dress: "This was the dress that my mother made for me when I was going to compete in an international vocal competition," Ms. Li said. "But the Communist Party wouldn't let me leave the country...and then they killed my mother in the Cultural Revolution. You wear it when you sing for freedom in America." Little Su and Ms. Li hugged as they cried.

Little Su packed her competition dress and her meager belongs to go to the competition in America. Then on October 8, as she was preparing to go to the airport, her music teacher called her: "You must hide; the police are trying to arrest all the contestants. They don't want anyone to go New York and sing about freedom." Taking the advice of her teacher, Little Su hid while police arrested another contestant. In hiding, Little Su cries and cries and prays and prays that the kind people of the world will rescue her so that she can come to America and sing for the people of China...

Details: As of right now, Su Hongyu is still hiding from Communist "police" because she is trying to attend New Tang Dynasty TV's International Vocal Competition. The true details of life are unknown and the substance of the story is inspired  

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