Monday, July 03, 2006

European Elite Hypocrisy - Too much to handle

The big story here in the U.S. is the Supreme Court's decision effectively invalidating the military-tribunal process the Bush Administration uses for enemy combatants in the War on Terror. This has naturally led to an orgy of "coverage" on the American military's terrorist prison facility in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Now, CSN has no official position on "Gitmo," for the obvious reason that it would be impossible for us to hammer one out (yours truly finds it imperfect but necessary, I'm guessing John and Demetrius have no use for it at all, and I don't know where Curry stands). That said, someone has to speak out about the hypocritical reaction of many European elites to this issue.

Plenty of them have wailed and gnashed their teeth over the existence of the prison, so one would expect that when the United States finds several detainees that are in fact not threats to the civilized world, but can't be returned "home" because their homeland (say, East Turkestan) is occupied by a vicious, brutal dictatorship (say, the Chinese Communist Party), these "betters" of European society would be more than willing to agree to American requests to take these poor souls in, right? Wrong (third item).

So forgive me if I sound harsh, but the next time a European critic of Guantanamo opens his or her mouth, they should be reminded of their rank hypocrisy on this issue (Albania excepted: see fifth, third, third, fifth, and second items).

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