Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Independence Day

Today, Jim Davin (CSN Intern) and I went down to the National Mall to hand out information about China during the Independence day parade. We left my house at 9 am with 6 boxes of flyers about organ harvesting in China. At the parade site, we met up with some Falun Gong practitioners and gave them most of the boxes so that they could hand out information. Then we hit the street. Things were quite well arranged. Right next to where we parked, there were thousands of Vietnam Pilot Vets. I went up to each of them and thanked and then gave them a copy of the Nine Commentaries. They were surprised that anyone would actually go up to them and thank them, so they were quite receptive to taking a many page report, in spit of some suggestion that no one would want to read such a long document at the parade.

Meanwhile, Jim was getting his sea legs. At first, he wasn't sure what to say, but I gave him some simple phrases, such as "Human Rights in China" or "Freedom in China" and "Please read this." At first when the rejection level was high for him, he was ready to head back, but then as his righteous thoughts strengthened, and his confidence gained, he kept on surprising me, by seeing, "Just 10 more minutes." That process went on for maybe an hour. I was quite proud of him.

We probably went through almost a bankers box of flyers. There were so many people there, just waiting in line to get in, and once the momentum set in, no one would refuse a flyer from me. I was also handing out flyers for New Tang Dynasty TV's Chinese New Celebration. I had a lot of fun talking about it, and kept on encouraging people to take their friends, their family, their whole school.

In total, we were there for about 4 hours handing out flyers. I am quite glad that we had a chance to let people know about freedom in China on this day when America is celebrating it's own freedom.

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