Monday, July 20, 2009

Full text of July 19 speech by CSN's John Kusumi

Communist Party creates problems faster than it resolves them

Speech at 10th anniversary of Falun Gong crackdown, a rally at the National Mall in Washington DC, July 19 2009

By John Kusumi

Whether you are organizing, attending, or playing music at today's event, thank you and welcome. I know that many people are involved here, and my thanks go out to you.

And yet, there are two men who are not here today. I want to speak about—and even address—Hu Jintao and Barack Obama. They are two men who have yet to get the message and have yet to size up today's situation in China and in U.S.-China relations.

With faulty leadership from the Communist Party, China has engineered crackdown after crackdown after crackdown.

These have been tragedies in China, indeed genocide and crimes against humanity. In America, they have been met by a Clintonian blind eye: willful and deliberate connivance to ignore the crimes of CCP leaders, who actually belong on trial at the International Criminal Court.

Do I think that Hu Jintao and Barack Obama should have a meeting? No! I think that Hu Jintao should resign, surrender, and turn himself over to the International Criminal Court for prosecution, over the matters of genocide and crimes against humanity.

They say that history is written by the winners, but now with the internet, that saying is less true. We all have the opportunity to correct the record of history. And in all of history, including every corner of the globe; every calamity; and, every war -- the greatest suffering is that of Mainland China, during 60 years of misrule by the corrupt and deadly CCP.

History has no larger humanitarian disaster. World War II may have claimed 40 million lives. Chairman Mao starved to death 38 million Chinese, and when we add up the victims of more crackdowns and the Cultural Revolution, the CCP has killed more Chinese than the world-wide death toll in World War II.

In the Western world, we refer to Hitler, Stalin, and Mao in the same breath. But for mass murder, Mao gets the gold medal, and the others can only have silver and bronze. World history will say these things -- they are already true!

China is an active crime scene, and the CCP brings it more misery each and every day: Humanitarian disasters are in motion, crime is in progress, and corruption is diminishing the future of many Chinese families.

And shame on Barack Obama -- he's got the Clintonian blind eye, the better to collect blood stained profits for Fortune 500 companies. With lots of free trade, America has financed the Communist Party, and that is to the shame of America and Bill Clinton, who in essence told corporate America: Go ahead, collect blood stained profits. We'll be really quiet at the U.S. executive branch.

Apparently, the cat is keeping the tongue of Barack Obama. While the cat's got his tongue, I'll say something myself:

China needs to step away from Maoism completely. China needs to remove its red shirt. And, China needs to put on the blue shirt of being a free and democratic country, respectful of the human rights of all of its citizens. If this does not happen immediately, the separatists may gain the upper hand - with very good reasons to split away from China's central government.

There are no remaining minutes to delay. China needs reform *now*!

Any objective analysts must observe a deteriorating human rights situation in China. The China Support Network deplores the Tiananmen crackdown; the Falun Gong crackdown; the Tibetan crackdown; and the Uyghur crackdown. Ours is a human rights organization which started due to the Tiananmen crackdown. But China has continued to add new problems on top of its older problems.

Whether you are Chinese or Western, I want you to write down the take away point of my speech: The Communist Party is creating problems faster than it is solving problems! It is abundantly evident, and for the laobaixing [common people] of China, it is not tolerable any longer. Did you write that down? The Communist Party is creating problems faster than it is resolving problems!

Today we are here to denounce the persecution of Falun Gong. They are the post-Maoist Chinese. They are already over Communism and the Communist Party! Their message says to put the CCP in the rear view mirror, on the ash heap of history!

Falun Gong has the longest, worst, and most deadly of the four crackdowns that I mentioned. We are here because ten years of this malarkey is ten years too many.

And for ten years, the U.S. executive branch has been shamefully silent while it nods, winks, and passes a trade surplus to communists, dictators, tyrants, and thugs!

The recent crackdown on Uyghur Muslims brings to light the latest example of how China mistreats its minorities. President Hu Jintao cancelled his attendance at the G-8 summit in Italy and returned to China. There is no joke as I say, he hurried home to commit genocide and crimes against humanity!

Between the people and the government, we know which side has all the guns in China. When news comes of hundreds dead, that can only happen with government guns. The civilians are less heavily armed! The news has airbrushed out of the picture the role of the security forces in accumulating hundreds of recent deaths.

China should release the prisoners of conscience which it is now holding in its jails and labor camps. That includes all Falun Gong practitioners, all non-violent Tibetans, and all non-violent Uyghurs. And I will conclude with direct words for Hu Jintao, Barack Obama, and my audience.

For Hu Jintao, I have a four-part visual message. [Holding up signs/picture placards:] Hu Jintao, release Wang Bingzhang! Hu Jintao, release Zhou Yongjun! Hu Jintao, release Liu Xiaobo! And Hu Jintao, release Gao Zhisheng!

For Barack Obama and the U.S. State Department, shame on you for not making these calls yourself! You should have been out here today; instead, I'm out here pinch hitting! You're welcome.

To my audience, I call upon everyone to move onwards to victory for freedom, democracy, and human rights! Corrupt old ways, Maoist ways, and Clintonian ways do not lead to freedom, but the values of truthfulness, compassion, and tolerance *will* lead to freedom! Thank you, God bless America, and God bless China!


Independent said...
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Independent said...

Great speech, Mr. Kusumi... we need a renewed focus on defending liberty and freedom!!

Jeffrey Imm
Responsible for Equality And Liberty (R.E.A.L.)

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