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Wei Jingsheng comments about Uyghur unrest and Government violence

The Tragedy in Urumqi and Current Political Situation in China-- Wei Jingsheng

They all say it is a season of events in China. It is indeed so. What has happened in ShaoGuan of GuangDong and Urumqi of XinJiang has already resulted continued condemnation from the international society. Meanwhile, there is the news that the Communist Chinese Party (CCP) made trouble with the Australian government and arrested the China chief of a big Australian company. The Chinese government would not put the person on trial, or sentence him, nor would it provide detailed information to the Australian government even when the Australian Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister made the inquiries. This kind of conduct that violates international convention will surely induce anger from the Australian society.

This conduct also surely makes foreign business people in China more nervous. Who knows when the Laws of Secrecy of the Chinese Character will start to rule over them? Since the YanAn period of the Mao Zedong era, the Laws of Secrecy of the Chinese Character have been 100% effective with eminent power. However, because the XinJiang issue is more important to us the average Chinese, and it also has new developments, let us put aside the Australian big business and the Chinese Communist corruptive clique first.

There are two news lately that did not receive enough attention. According to the report from the most reputed overseas Chinese website BoXun, an old cadre who retired from the CCP's 17th Congress revealed that the reason for the explosive situation in XinJiang was due to internal struggles with the CCP. From the jailed Shanghai Mayor Chen LiangYu to last month's detention of ShenZhen Mayor Xu Zongheng, Hu Jintao joined hands with Wen JiaBao to really beat up the leading members of the Jiang Zemin faction. So the Jiang faction had to take their opportunity for revenge. They fueled the atmosphere from the ShaoGuan incident, demobilized the police during the Urumqi riots, and thus enabled the Uyghur terrorists to use the peaceful demonstration to murder the Han Chinese to the degree that Hu Jintao lost his face in the G8 meeting in Italy. Hu had to return to China to guard his own territory, to prevent the situation from developing unfavorably to himself.

Much information leaked recently has proven that it was the CCP government's guilt of not doing anything that indulged the thugs to produce the large scaled tragedy of murder. This tragedy does not have any relationship with the World Uyghur Congress that supported the peaceful demonstration. The CCP XinJiang government had reliable intelligence and rights to initiate police action. However, with the Jiang faction controlling China's legal and jurisdiction system, they choose the strategy of not doing anything before and during the tragedy. They enabled the Uyghur terrorists to do what they wanted and caused the situation to loose control. Indeed, it was a skillful cooperation between the CCP's XinJiang government and the Uyghur terrorist group that produced such horrifying tragedy.

Some friends are still not willing to believe it is the CCP that took the initiative for this tragedy. They do not believe that the CCP is trying to stir up the hateful ethnic killing, in an effort to switch political attention. If one thinks so, one might want to consider the second piece of news. During the review of the Sino-Russia joint military exercise, the CCP military Chief of General Staff, Admiral Chen Bingde, talked a lot about "anti-terrorists" and targeted it at the Uyghurs. He claimed that China would cooperate with the four countries of Mid-Asia in the "Shanghai Cooperation Organization" to send the military out of China to attack the Uyghur terrorist organizations. This way of talking skillfully used the average people's psychology of wanting security, and thus reached its goal of expanding the hostile mood. Meanwhile, it also pushed China's military forces to the edge of the petroleum producing Mideast area, which opened up a frontier for its goal of thwarting Western goals of controlling the petroleum produce areas. This strategy of one stone for two birds cannot be a coincidence of one time, but a lone term plan thought ahead.

Some people question whether the XinJiang tragedy was to make trouble for Hu Jintao. Why does he have to swallow this bitter fruit? Why did he not try to stop it or even counterattack? They are too anxious. Counterattacking does not have to happen today. The old Chinese saying is that "one could wait for ten years to take revenge". Not counterattacking today does not mean never counterattacking.

Besides, the whole plan of producing the tragedy was perfectly done. The reasons before hand were sufficient, the choice of timing was just right. So Zhou Yongkang, the CCP's person in charge of security could say that without the order from Hu Jintao, we cannot open firearms to stop the escalation, which created the needed several hours for the thugs to murder. As for why not letting the military police move into Urumqi, there is the simplest excuse of underestimation.

Underestimation itself is not enough to produce a death sentence; what could you do with the person?

The most important thing is that there is sufficient reason for the matters after the tragedy. Now these conspiracists did not just shift the attention for people's opposition, but even may have obtained a frontier base to move west into the petroleum producing areas. What reason could Hu Jintao go against? This is exactly what he wanted to do, but did not dare to conduct. He does not have a reason to against, but has to silently take this knife hit in his back. This situation is just like back when Hu Jintao murdered the 10th Panchen Lama, which scared Deng XiaoPing. But that was also the goal of Deng XiaoPing, something Deng wanted to do but did not dare to do. In addition, they dealt with the matter afterwards skillfully, which did not let the Western media find any handle to protest against. So Deng happily took this unexpected surprise and saw Hu in a new light.

This time, the dealing of the aftermath was more difficult, but pretty good. So even some anti-CCP patriotic youths turned around to help the CCP to attack the Uyghur opposition forces. Some Western media that only see the tree leaves without seeing the forest were also made unconsciously to be an accomplice of the evil. It all proves that the CCP's conspiracy is pretty successful, and in progress to expand its success. We must have our clear observation to distinguish between good and bad, and not fall into the conspiracy of the Chinese Communist Party.

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(Written and recorded on July 24, 2009. Broadcasted by Radio Free Asia.)

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